MOVA Victim Service Specialists, funded by the Missouri Department of Public Safety, State Services to Victims Fund, initially focused upon establishing victim assistance programs as well as providing direct services in 3rd and 4th class counties in Missouri.  The focus on community collaboration and local training offered support, education on victims’ rights and understanding of victimization, and in a number of counties, assisted with the creation of victim service positions. Over the years, this community-focused project faced numerous challenges to the creation of victim service programs, and ultimately MOVA efforts transitioned to the two projects that are currently providing training and direct services across the state.



MOVA/MSA (Missouri Sheriff’s Association) Collaboration, funded through the 2010 Recovery VAWA Act grant, provides training for county sheriff’s departments and services for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.  The goals include building a better system of resources and collaboration with local law enforcement to create stronger networks for assisting victims and ensuring enhanced understanding of female crime victim issues and needs.

The 2011 State Services to Victims Fund currently provides funding for direct assistance to victims of crimes in counties without system-based victim advocates or limited services.  With the support of the Missouri Office of Prosecution Services, a number of counties have agreed to the provision of services through the Statewide Victim Advocate Project.  This grant supports the work of the Advocate who also receives contact from victims through the MOVA toll-free 800 number and will receive requests through the MOVA website in the future.



MOVA completes the two projects funded by SSVF and VAWA grant funds and launches new collaboration with the Missouri Office of Prosecution Services for the transition of the Statewide Victim Advocate/Coordinator Project.