What rights do I have?

Victims have the right to participate in the criminal justice process and to be provided with assistance through criminal justice agencies and community service providers.  Visit the Victims page of the MOVA website to see the full listing of the rights afforded to victims of crime in MIssouri. 


How can MoVA help me?

By calling the 800 Toll-free number, you will be able to speak with the Statewide Victim Advocate/Coordinator who will explain victims' rights, victim services, and provide you with resource information to local and state providers. 


What type of financial assistance is available to me as a victim of a crime?

Through the MIssouri Crime Victims' Compensation program, you will be able to apply for financial assistance that may cover medical bills, lost wages, dependent care, counseling, and funeral expenses. CVC does not cover losses due to property crime.  Please visit http://www.dps.mo.gov for further information and application forms.


How can I find out more about court dates?

You can track the progress of your criminal case by visiting the Missouri Circuit Clerk's website at https://www.courts.mo.gov/casenet/

If you wish to be notified of court hearing dates or release of a defendant from a MIssouri detaining facility (jail/prison), please register for MOVANS at the Department of Public Safety at http://www.dps.mo.gov and visit the Crime Victim Services Unit for information about registration.